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Electronic larynx MicroVox

Lowest price in the world for digital microprocessor electronic larynx



> Digital microprocessor electronic larynx 

> Smallest larynx in the world

> Housing prosthesis covered with hard wearing course anti-allergic resins

> In the prosthesis does not occur dangerous electromagnetic field causing return of cancer 

> Power supply with battery charger

> Power supply: 7.2 V NiMH rechargeable battery (250 mAh)

> Strap for hanging on the neck

> Shockproof transport box

                                                                      > Instruction for use

                                                                       > All colors available


The advantages

> simple operation will be concentrate on the study of speech without the need for additional regulation

> available in two versions (version for women is characterized by a higher frequency voice and for men below)

Product description

This electronic larynx is one of the most modern and smallest microprocessor apparatus for manufacturing of artificial voice in the world.At the same time it characterized by a very simple and reliable operation.



3 year warranty

It does not include damage arising by the fault of the user. All repairs should be done by authorized service.



160 GBP      220 EUR       240 USD 

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