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 Massager FIRST-1



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Product description

Apparatus for the removal of lymph after radiotherapy in the neck area. It is used mostly by people laryngectomees. It help in the removal of lymph after radiotherapy. The list of advantages and positive comments about the device is long.

The device not only removes of lymph, but also reduces tension esophageal sphincter, making it easy to learn esophageal speech, increases range of motion of the head, improves mood, and relaxes.


Research work on the device lasted for 12 years. During this period successfully developed a unique method of cellular resonance and protection against standing wave. Making massage other commercially available devices can cause negative effects as well as lead to a recurrence of cancer or mechanical damage and bleeding.


The advantages

> removal of lymph

> tension reduction esophagus sphincter

> relaxation of neck muscles

> improves mood



1 year warranty

It does not include damage arising by the fault of the user. All repairs should be done by authorized service.



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