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 We deal with green energy and medicine. We prepare innovative technologies that enable efficient production of energy from renewable sources. We also manufacture of medical equipment, scientific research, service of medical equipment, rental of medical equipment and rehabilitation, sales of medical equipment new and used, construction specialist medical and military - in particular, the construction and equipment of X-ray laboratory, MR, biomedical laboratories, laboratory EEG and ECG - Faraday cage, operating rooms, cabins audiometric. On the basis of existing vehicles and containers we manufacture equipment and interiors of buses: X-ray, densitometers (density test of bones), mobile medical laboratories and diagnostic clinics.


Our firm provides also help for the laryngectomees. We manufacture laryngeal devices and supplies. We help in rehabilitation, finding new friends around the world and forming a travel club. Our products are made in many parts of the world. We invite you to join us through cooperation so that the laryngectomees can get involved in mutual support. 

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